Bringing you huge beats and massive baselines!

The Time Bomb is here and it is going OFF!!

Already getting a huge amount of support from the breaks scene, why not get yourself over to Soundcloud and check my new tune out… Oh and it’s FREE! Bonus!

Big banging breaks mix. FREE to download. Go grab it.

Why not jump over to sound cloud and grab yourself a FREE 1 hour mix of booming breaks.

I shall be doing these mixes on a regular basis to showcase my favourite tunes out there.


Come On (Are You Ready For This?) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Download it here:

Welcome to the brand new website.

After days of coding and getting it wrong over and over again, the site is now fully working and ready for you to use.

Please check out the new products section. You can now buy mastering services, sample packs and tutorial packs.

The store uses PayPal, so all of your purchases are made completely securely.

If you find any problems with the website, please get in touch at


Enjoy! 🙂

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